Sophia "Cat" Williams
is a member of New Directions, and is a sophomore in Season 1. She is portrayed by Avril Lavigne.


Sophia is a goth girl, but is still down-to-earth and happy. She can be sarcastic, but teachers still find her enjoyable and laugh at her sassy remarks. She gets really good grades, and the Skanks despise of her happiness. Her mom gave her the nickname Cat because she used to purr in her sleep. She loves to skateboard, but injures her leg and has to take a break for a while.


"New Year, New Directions"- Sophia auditions for New Directions after injuring her leg at a skate park. She becomes worried for Amanda after seeing her tossed around in the halls.

"Gone Goth"- Sophia is shocked when Amanda shows up at school with tatoos and piercings. She finds her with the Skanks afterschool, and tells her that she is headed down a dark path. Sophia reveals she was once bullied so horribly that she considered commiting suicide. Amanda asks what they bullied her about, but Sophia walks away stating, "You wouldn't understand." The next day, Amanda pulls Sophia under the bleachers, demanding to know why she was bullied. Sophia grabs her head and kisses her, then says "That's why."